Francúzska légia

mir 14.8.2007 - 21:26

Sluko (bez overenia) 13.1.2011 - 16:53

Gabo Ved totok....mam to priamo od nich....vcera mi to akurat poslali...len som spravne nepochopil co napisali ohladom listku na spiatocnu cestu...Ako si mozem zabukovat spiatocnu cestu keby ma nevzali ked neviem dany termin ak by ma vyhodili :)

JAA (bez overenia) 13.1.2011 - 17:38


Sluko (bez overenia) 13.1.2011 - 17:45

Hello, In answer to your email, we address a documentation (enclosure) to you which summarizes the essence of what it is necessary to know about the methods of engagement for the Foreign legion. Any volunteer, whatever his nationality and his country of origin must be presented in one of the stations of recruitment or information of the Foreign legion in Metropolitan France (idem for the residents in the DOM & TOM), with a valid identity paper. It can present every day of the year in an office of the Foreign legion, nevertheless we advise you to come in the week from 9:00 to 17:00 to facilitate the administrative tasks. Lodging and the food are ensured throughout the period of recruitment. The candidate will then be subjected to operations of selection and orientation during one period of approximately 04 weeks, and this without any contact with outside. We draw your attention to the following points: recruitment is opened to the men (and only to the men) 17 years ½ at 40 years. No exemptions before and after these crenels. The Foreign legion cannot grant any support in your administrative approaches to you to obtain a visa (nationals except the EEC). The Foreign legion cannot financially help you for your project of voyage. It is strongly advised to you to have a ticket return in order not to find you in infringement with respect to the French legislation on the stay from abroad. If its candidature is approved, the volunteer will be authorized to subscribe one 05 years duration an unconditional contract minimum. In the contrary case and whatever is the reason, it will be immediately returned to the civil life. Personal businesses has to take to present to you : At least 01 valid identity paper, therefore minimum a valid passport with or without Visa for the foreigners at the European Community (otherwise an indentity card for the nationals of the EEC). 01 correct civil behaviour, Body linen for 05 days (slipways, undershirt, socks), 01 pair of sport shoe, complete Toilet bag (brushes with tooth, towel, foam to be shaved and razor, soap), Maximum 30 to 60 € of pocket money (in small cuts). Not to take : Convey/motor bike, telephone or laptop, reader MP3, cumbersome or invaluable object,

Sluko (bez overenia) 13.1.2011 - 17:46

(answers questions: to see the end of the document) TERMS OF REFERENCE The selection and incorporation are permanent. After your arrival in a station of recruitment, you will be cabin and nourished free. 1. To make application form, you must present in an stations of recruitment whose addresses are reproduced on Internet site of Division recruitment of the foreign Legion : 2. After a first medical examination and a series questions in a station of one duration recruitment from 1 to 3 days, you will be possibly authorizes to subscribe one five years duration an unconditional contract (5) minimum. 3. You will be then directs on the Center of Selection d’ Aubagne, close to Marseilles, to be subjected there to operations of selection and average lasted orientation from 1 to 14 days : - medical and sporting Controls, psycho technical tests. - Talks of safety and motivation. If the candidature is approved at the time of the weekly commission, you will be built-in. In the contrary case and whatever is the reason, you will be immediately returned to the civil life. If recruitment is opened to the men from 17 to 40 years (parental authorization for the minors certified by the French state, therefore the Embassy of France for the foreigners), the candidates of less than 18 to 30 years have however much more chances to be selected. QUESTIONS - ANSWERS 1. Documents : For residents of countries outside the EEC it is necessary to be in possession of a valid passport. The recruiting office cannot offer any aid for obtaining documents. No letters of intent or pre-enlistment can be sent and no financial support can be given for transportation. It is explicitly understood that no guarantees of enlistment are either given or implied. All selection tests are effectuated in France. As a general indication, about 1 of 7 volunteers eventually succeed in the tests. 2. Medical aptitude : Medical aptitude is determined ONLY by the medical corps of the French army. No foreign certificates are recognized. Minimum visual acuity : * uncorrected: minimum 0,5 for each eye * corrected: or [7/10 and 2/10], or [6/10 and 3/10] or [5/10 and 4/10] (total: 9/10 with the two eyes) Correction in dioptres : * near-sighted: -10 * far-sighted: +8 3. French language : It is not necessary to speak French in order to enlist. French language classes are provided during basic training. 4. Selection tests : All candidates pass a summary athletic ability test "luc-leger". Principal : two lines are marked on the ground. The distance between the lines is 20 meters. The candidate runs back and turn between the lines for as long as possible following an imposed rhythm. Every minute the rhythm accelerates by 0.5 km/h. There are of course other standard tests. However, in order to preserve equal opportunities, their nature and content cannot be revealed. 5. Dossiers : It is not necessary to prepare an enlistment dossier. Valid identity papers or passport (see above) are the only required documents. However, providing more supporting documents increases the chances of enlistment. 6. Pay : Legionnaires receive the same pay as soldiers in the French regular army. The pay scale is determined by rank, years of service and postings. Bonus pay is awarded according to missions. As an example, basic monthly pay (excluding postings and bonus) is ??? euros for a legionnaire 2nd class and 1556 euros for a staff sergeant. Food, lodging and equipment are provided at no extra charge. Legionnaires who have served for a minimum total of 15 years qualify for an army pension payable either in France or abroad. 7. Diplomas : No scholastic or professional diplomas are required. Qualifications increase the chances of acceptance however whatever the qualifications ALL legionnaires begin their careers as simple soldiers. 8. Specialization : Legionnaires are trained first and foremost to become elite combat soldiers. They can also with time become specialized in a large variety of other fields (administration, health care, maintenance, computer science, transmissions, public works etc.). These other specialties can facilitate their eventual return to civilian life. 9. Contracts : The initial contract is for a period of 5 years and is not negotiable. The legionnaire can continue his career with subsequent contracts of 6 months to 3 years until reaching 15 years service or even more if his rank and service record so permit. 10. Advancement : Advancement is obtained according to merit. Legionnaires are promoted not according to their prior qualifications but by virtue of the qualifications they obtain during their successive contracts. 11. Documentation : Documentation and brochures can be obtained by writing to the following address : 1° RÉGIMENT ÉTRANGER DIVISION DE RECRUTEMENT DE LA LÉGION ÉTRANGÈRE BP 38 13998 MARSEILLE ARMEES 12. Enlistment forms : No enlistment forms can be sent by mail or by internet. 13. Leave : During basic training (16 to 20 weeks) no leave time is given except for an occasional week end. Annual leave is established according to time in service. 1 year : 20 days 2 years : 35 days 3 years and more : 45 days Leave may be taken anywhere in mainland France. Requests for taking leaves in other countries are subject to special conditions. 14. Naturalization and citizenship : French citizenship is granted by the French government, not by the Foreign Legion. Foreigners may apply for French citizenship after ??? years of service. Provided that the legionnaire has a good service record the Foreign Legion can facilitate the administrative procedure. Legionnaires who do not wish to acquire French nationality have the option to obtain the status of resident alien. 15. Prior military service ? Many legionnaires have prior military service in their home countries. This is not however a necessary requirement for enlistment.

Sluko (bez overenia) 13.1.2011 - 17:47

Tak nech sa paci pani...Je to trochu nemotorne ale lepsie nez nic :)....Dajte vediet ako ste natom

Sluko (bez overenia) 13.1.2011 - 17:49

Mato....Pas,,,urcite....najlepsie ked budes mat svoju lekarsku kartu....a OP...ale teraz som dal dva prispevky ako povinne citanie :) Tam najdes vsetko....staci to len prelozit :)

Sluko (bez overenia) 13.1.2011 - 18:27

Mato...No pokial tam budes sam tak nabor nebude....moze sa ti stat ze si tam pobudnes niaku dobu kym nebude...viacej clenov....Preto je dobre informovat sa ze kedy je najlepsie tam ist...Na oficialnej stranke je kontak...treba im napisat mail...A ked ti poslu odpoved tak by si to sem mohol pridat...

Lubo (bez overenia) 13.1.2011 - 19:50

Naj je ist cez pracovny tyzden. Nikdy nie cez vikend najlepsie utorok najneskor streda. Casovo tak cca aj poobede sa da o 2 3. Proste moze sa vam aj stat ze pridete a vam povedia otocte sa a pridte o 4 hodiny to je minimum kedy tam dojst zbytocne spekulujete aj tak je to jedno. Spekulujete teraz budete aj potom spekulovat. Chodte a mate pokoj.

Majo (bez overenia) 13.1.2011 - 21:52

„Paradox, humor a zmena. Paradox. Život je záhada. Ani sa ho nesnaž pochopiť. Humor. Maj zmysel pre humor. Smej sa sám sebe, je to sila nadovšetko. Zmena. Nikdy nič nezostane rovnaké.“

Maťo (bez overenia) 14.1.2011 - 19:08

Sluko ,je pravda že potrebujem nejake potrvdenie od prezidenta???lebo som to počul..a chcem sa opitať ak neprejdem strednú školu zoberú ma???

Mato (bez overenia) 14.1.2011 - 19:14

Zobera tu aj so zakladnou skolu....A stym potvrdenim je to tazke...mal by ti ho udelit Prezident ale to on nespravy takze jednine odist a dufat ze sa to neprevali...:) Mylsim ze niko nepytal o povolenie lebo sa stane mozno raz za sto rokov ze ho udeli...Cital som jeden clanok vypoved jedneho advokata....on tam spominal legiu...ze by sa zato trest nema davat lebo niesi priamo vo Francuzkej armade ze to je nieco ako pracovat ako SBS v cudzine...najme ked sme v UNII a staty bojuju za tu isu vec... mam dokument....ak mas skype tak ti to mozem poslat....odporucam pozriet...

Sluko (bez overenia) 14.1.2011 - 20:38

Trochu starej klasiky....pre vsetkych co ju maju radi

Sluko (bez overenia) 14.1.2011 - 23:00

Tak kazde video ma cca 190MB takze na mail asi tazko....takze si stiahni skype....a ja ti to poslem....ked mi posles svoj nick name...

Nika (bez overenia) 14.1.2011 - 23:44

ahojte chcela by som sa len opytat ci uz beru zeny do F. legii? Rada by som tam isla. Dakujem

Sluko (bez overenia) 15.1.2011 - 00:22

Ahoj ja myslim ze zeny tam este stale neberu...Ale naj by bolo keby si sa kontaktovala priamo u nich...teda cez maju na oficialnej stranke

cháron (bez overenia) 16.1.2011 - 13:58

prosím ťa Nika, inak máš pekne meno ale to je druhoradé, hlavne ty nikoho nekontaktuj, ani sa ďalej nepýtaj, to by ešte chýbalo ženy v légii...tak si nerob hambu a nevolaj tam...a ty Maťo : ty nemáš ani strednú školu a chceš sa niekde trepať?len sa ty pekne uč, a ostaň doma mame pri sukni...Inač dosť to tu upadlo, tu machruju kadeaký niktoši.....

Sluko (bez overenia) 16.1.2011 - 14:10

Charon....spravne len do nich.... Jediny niktos si tu ty.... Ako tak pozeram tak si zjedol mudrost sveta,zazil si vsetko co sa zazit da a prekonal si neprekonatelne... Preco sa staras do druhych?Nemas nic lepsie na praci?!Chod sa pozerat do zrkadla a raduj sa sam nad sebou. A Nika plus ostatny nic si stoho huja nerobte :)

cháron (bez overenia) 16.1.2011 - 14:40

Slukovi:vidim že trafená hus zagágala a ozval sa ten najväčší niktoš..kde si bol doteraz ty debilko, možno tak v jasliach..bol si aspoň na ZVS ? vieš čo je to vôbec?Ty čo tu radíš o nábore keď si bol akurát tak v riti..Ty si ani nebol schopny do LE vycestova len spoza monitora im vypisovať. TY si u mňa obyčajná sračka...

cháron (bez overenia) 16.1.2011 - 14:48

[b]Sluko napísal:[/b] [quote]Gabo Ved totok....mam to priamo od nich....vcera mi to akurat poslali...len som spravne nepochopil co napisali ohladom listku na spiatocnu cestu...Ako si mozem zabukovat spiatocnu cestu keby ma nevzali ked neviem dany termin ak by ma vyhodili :)[/quote] Sluko:A toto čo si napísal... tak najskôr im píšeš kedy môžeš prísť,a teraz sa pýtaš ako si môžeš zabukovať spiatočnu cestu ?teba by mali zabukovať ty bukvica..... Môžeš mať všetko vybavené dopredu , ale sralov tam aj tak neberú.

Majo pre Sluko (bez overenia) 16.1.2011 - 19:47

Daj si pohov kamarát, a radšej sa prac z tohoto fóra a zabudni že nejaká légia kedy existovala a existuje. Moja rada pre teba.

Sluko (bez overenia) 16.1.2011 - 21:25

Nechape co sa navazade do druhych.... Asi si tym kompenzujete to co vam matka dala"a to 2CM v Gatach :) Inac prepacte mi ze som si nevsimol ze na tomtok fore mozu byt len ty co v rebricku na 1mieste...ospravedlnujem sa za moju hlupost a zato ze som si sem dovolil ist bez toho aby ste mito vy povolili:sick: ... Pokracujte dalej aspon sa ukaze vasa inteligencia alebo lepsie DEMENCIA....Ale nehajme to tak...vy ste pani :laugh:

Sluko (bez overenia) 16.1.2011 - 21:29

Charon: Nauc sa citat a potom mi vypisuj.... A co sa tyka tej Bukvice....kamarati ti davaju do riti preto mas kompexi co?!Ale to neva kazdy je nejaky :)

Majo (bez overenia) 17.1.2011 - 00:18

Keď sme pri tých komplexoch, tak si prečítaj svoj pred posledný príspevok a tie urážky v ňom a potom hovor že je niekto zakomplexovaný. Vidím že inteligentná reč s tebou nie je. Normálny človek by sa nejako obhájil, ale ty si rovno začal urážať. Neviem ako som urazil ja teba. Ak to vieš ty, daj mi vedieť. :) Smejem sa na ti, lebo je to komické keď niekto podľa seba súdi neznámych ľudí. :D

Sluko (bez overenia) 17.1.2011 - 02:53

Majo...Ja som stebov nic neriesil ale ty si sa zastaral domna...a neviem otom ze by som ti dal nejaky dovod.... Neries ty mna nebudem riesit ja teba...Aj tak to je zbytocne hadat sa na fore....aj tak stoho nic nemame...moj nazor

Lubo (bez overenia) 17.1.2011 - 08:33

Forum bolo v pohode. A potom sa tu stale dorutia nejaky borci a pytaju sa 1000 krat to iste. Keby ste presli tych 247 stranok predtym najdete odpovede na svoje otazky. Aj ked je to rok stare ale stale aktualne. Nic proti zenam ale tie nemaju v armade co robit tot moj nazor. Nic proti tebe nika. Charon neries ho ani ty majo poznat Vas nemozu. Novy na fore nechajte to tak, lebo pride este Michal a zacne kovbojka:D. A Sluko a ostatok. Chalani neprudte zbytocne pytajte sa co vam treba len zbytocne neznizujte a ani neurazajte stalych clenov fora.

Majo pre Sluko (bez overenia) 17.1.2011 - 09:00

Počuj chudák, tak ti dám len jednu radu. Keď nevieš presné informácie tak nikomu neraď. Ako si to robil doteraz. Lebo len človeka čo o tom nevie nič zblbneš a dostaneš do problémov dobre? P.S. dal si mi dôvod aby som sa staral, zarypol si do chárona.

Sluko (bez overenia) 17.1.2011 - 11:09

Majo...Jasne co su podla teba nepresne info?? Dovod????Jaj jasne musle si mu prist utriet zadok.... Nemam na teba naladu....ale ak budes chciet nahodov pokracovat v tomtok nezmyslenom hadani tak kludne odp...a mozeme pokracovat...

Sluko (bez overenia) 17.1.2011 - 12:18

Inac myslim ze forum je nato aby si ludia menili info a radili sa a nie nato aby sa hadali

Majo pre Sľuka (bez overenia) 17.1.2011 - 13:01

Áno, presne na to je fórum. Ale nie je na poskytovanie dezinformácií. Nike ste napísali že nech tam napíše. Na každej jednej stránke je napísané že ženy do légie neberú. Doteraz bola v légii iba jedna žena. A pokiaľ chcete informácie, hľadajte na nete. Je tam toho kopec. Ale nie, ste lenivý. Šak je ľahšie sa opýtať ako si to sám nájsť. Len aby si vedel, v légii nemajú o nesamostatných ľudí záujem. Tak ešte raz opakujem, neposkytuj dezinformácie! Nech sa darí. P.S. - nemusíš bezpodmienečne odpísať na každú otázku čo kto položí. Odpovedz len na to na čo vieš odpoveď na 120%. Nevnucuj sa. ľudia to nemajú radi.

Sluko pre Maja (bez overenia) 17.1.2011 - 13:58

Len tak pre info ja som jej nenapisal ze tam Zeny beru...ale ze najskor neberu ale ked chce nech im posle info a opytasa...takze ake zavadzanie??? Nechapem co stale riesis...lebo to riesis stym nespravnym

cháron (bez overenia) 17.1.2011 - 19:32

Majo kašli na to, nemá to význam...ja sa tu nebudem baviť s týmto dementom...mňa tu len vytočili určité príspevky, dokonca som ani na neho neútočil,on sa ozval, ja som len svojím štýlom napísal že ženy neberú a nech tu nepíšu otázky typu: aké auto si mám kúpiť..

Sluko (bez overenia) 17.1.2011 - 19:45

Charon Ja som sa hadat nechcel....Ja som to tiez napisal len svojim stylom vy ste sa chitili...a zacali pisat na adresu....A len tak medzi nami niekolko prispevkov pred tym som uz napisal ze sa nema zmysel hadat

JAA pre SLUKO (bez overenia) 17.1.2011 - 22:36


Sluko JAA (bez overenia) 17.1.2011 - 22:43

Ako neviem ako ty ale uz asi 3razy som tu pisal ze hadkou sa nic nevyriesi....tak neviem co zasa riesis.... Pozri vas to nebavy mna to nebavy...Tak co sa stale riesi?

JAA (bez overenia) 17.1.2011 - 22:55

si moc oprskli ,,takimto pristupom si narobis iba nepriatelou ,,,si zapametaj ,,podla mna ich aj tak v zivote moc nemas,,ako ta tak pozorujem!!tuna nikto hlavu neskloni,,tu ju musis sklonit a suchat nohami si zapametaj !!vies kolko tu bolo takich ako si ty,,ha cela tatrovkaaa!toto forum vybudovali urcity ludia,,a ked chces by respektovany,,,musis si respekt zasluzit,,takimto pristupom si zasluzis akurat tak kopanec ro ritit !a v legii by to bolo to iste si zapametaj

Sluko pre JAA (bez overenia) 18.1.2011 - 00:47

Vidis.....sam som povedal asi 3 teraz uz 4 raz ze hadkov sa nic neriesi....ok....vysvetli si to kludne aj tak ze som sklonil hlavu a cuvol.... Ja sa osobne nerad hadam a to mi mozes verit.... Tiez som nemal v plane prist sem na forum a s niekim sa tu hadat...To si mozes byt isty... Ale tak ako vy si poviete vlastny nazor tak aj vzdy sa da vyjadrit aj inak ako sme ho vyjadrovali my....Osobne myslim ze chyba neni len na mojej strane...Tot vse k mojej obhajobe.... A zasa hadat sa nechcem....Ok?!tak trosku ubrzdite Aj tak sa tym nic nevyriesi

samarovic. (bez overenia) 18.1.2011 - 00:57

Zdravým celú starú partiu !!!! Všetkých správnych chalanov ,som rád že Vás konečne vidím kurva kde ste v piči boli ! Sluko !! tu je niečo aj pre teba a poradím ti , prečítaj si celé fórum pochopíš viac a neser týchto chalanov pozdravujem osobitne 2REPa chýbaš tu !!!

S.centrum (bez overenia) 18.1.2011 - 12:59

Dobrý deň, Firma Strešné centrum, s. r. o., hľadá ľudí na rôzne pozície vo Francúzku. Podmienka hovoriť po francúzky. Zaujímava práca Info:

palino (bez overenia) 18.1.2011 - 17:20

chcel by som ist do Fcl ak ma niekto zauje tak mohli by sme ist viacery prosim piste cawte ;) dakujem

michail (bez overenia) 18.1.2011 - 17:33

ak niekto vážne ide, tak mi prosím napíšte na rád sa dohodnem. uvažujem o odchode niekedy na jeseň. rád sa dohodnem na odchode. prosím ide o serióznu vec. viacerím je lepšie ako samému :)

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